Sony Demonstrates Solar Panel Windows – The Flower Window

Are you looking for solar panels which could actually slash the cost of your electric bill by making electricity from the sunlight? If you are, then take a look at what the guys from Sony has demonstrated just this past weekend during the Eco Products 2010 held in Tokyo.

Meet the Hana Mado otherwise known as the Flower Window. Apparently, the device is a dye-sensitized solar cell (DSSC) thus converting light into electrical energy.  During the demonstration, the device was attached to a small fan showing how it generates power continuously.  It was also shown how the fan stopped once the light is blocked. Sony expressed that the Hana Mado solar panel is actually of great advantage because the gadget can be easily installed in buildings.

Sony Demonstrates Solar Panel Windows

Moreover, the device is crafted beautifully which makes it really pleasing to the consumers.  It is made with screen printing which can actually be customized based on the consumer’s choice apart from the yellow and green design that was shown during the demo.

However, people from all over the region still have to wait further as the release date as well as the price of the Sony Hana Mado or Flower Window solar panel is not disclosed, yet.  We just hope we could see this being commercially available as possible.  Meanwhile, let’s take a look at the video taken during the demo in the Eco Products 2010.

[via gizmag]

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