World’s Fastest Scooter

At a first glance, it would seem as though it’s nothing but your usual mobility scooter which you can bring when going out to visit shops nearby, but examine closer as this mobility scooter has more than what it could offer.

Colin Furze, a British plumber, must have thought it would be even better if mobility scooters could go faster.  Therefore, he came up with the world’s fastest scooter to which runs at an incredible speed of 69mph and is nine times faster that an ordinary mobility scooter.

worlds fastest scooter

The guys from the Guinness Book of World Records told him that he could only change the engine, but he couldn’t change the appearance of the scooter. He then took a 125cc engine from his motorbike and fitted it into the scooter along with five gears and double exhausts. Moreover, he was told that his power-petroled scooter would have to travel atleast 61.4mph to finally make it to the record, thus he started it up and reached 69mph very quickly.

However, it doesn’t end there as Furze is trying to take the world’s fastest scooter into a drag strip and test the speed. He’s aiming for 70mph. So, we’ll he be happily accepted in the record book? Let’s stay tuned as we’re going to hear more of him in the near future.

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