This cute little toy is the Roboscooper, the new robot from WowWee, makers of all sorts of cool toy robots.  The new robotic buddy resembles a hunched-over baby RoboSapien.  Also looks like the Pixar movie Wall-E but unlike Wall-E Roboscoopers has six wheels to roll on.

WowWee Roboscooper is designed to help you clean and pick up small things not heavier that one ounce. Small stuffs like like paper clip, nails, and nuts.  It can also talk funny phrases like “Lets get to work”, and “1 step closer to cleaner world”

WowWee Roboscooper - Robot that Cleans

The robot is powered by 6 AAA batteries.  It can be controlled by remote or you can just also leave him in “autonomous mode” and he will clean and grab things he sees.

You can get the WowWee’s Roboscoopers for the price of $70.   Availabe at Hammacher Schlemmer for pre-order now for a late August delivery.


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