How to Delete Messages on Facebook

how to delete messages on facebookWe’ve seen how Facebook has changed from one platform to another in the hope of improving the leading social networking site. However, the new messaging platform in Facebook has brought a lot of confusion to several users. Why? It’s cause they’ve discovered that they could not actually delete the conversation in their messages.

When you actually click the X button on your Inbox, the messages are only archived and you can still see them in the future. Don’t worry as you will still be able to delete your Facebook messages permanently. How to delete messages on Facebook, you ask? Here’s how.

Deleting FB Inbox Permanently

Again, clicking the X button will only archive the messages and they may still be seen in the archive folder.  Definitely, this is the last thing that you’d like to do. and so to start with the deletion, follow the steps below:

  1. Log in to your account and click on the envelope icon on the upper left of your Facebook page.
  2. You’ll see the last five conversations you had, but what you have to do is to click on the See All Messages command.
  3. To look for the individual conversation history, search for the name of the person you’ve had a chat with on the search box. You’ll be lead to the individual messages where all the received and sent messages are seen.
  4. Click on the drop down arrow on the Actions command button, and click on the Delete Messages.
  5. Select the specific message that you want to remove and then hit on the Delete Selected that you see on the upper corner. If you want to simply delete all the conversations, then click the Delete All button.

Take note that you can’t undo the action of deleting the messages. Well, this is how to delete messages on Facebook permanently. We only hope that we’ve helped you in your query.

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