Due to the success of the Apple’s iPad, people are really making a big fuss about compact computer tablets.  Other top brand manufacturers have even made their way to competing against the iPad slate such as the Samsung Galaxy Tab.  As for the Galaxy Tab, we’ve seen how it was welcomed in the market, too and it looks as though the maker of the tablet PC isn’t going to stop at like that as there are rumblings heard that Samsung is planning to out another tablet PC dubbed as Gloria.

Samsung gloria tablet

You see, everything is just a rumor as of the moment, but it is said that the Samsung Gloria tablet will sport with specs and features including a 10-inch capacitive touchscreen LCD display.  Despite the growing Android tablets, this one is going to be powered by Windows 7 as its operating system. Moreover, the slate will surely be user friendly with its full pull out QWERTY keyboard.

The guys over Samsung have not unleashed the full details yet, but it is anticipated to ship with its release date on March or April of the 2011. Whoa, do we smell an early treat for 2011? Stick with us as we give you an update of this upcoming device. Meanwhile, let’s take a look at the image of how the Samsung Gloria Tablet PC will possibly look like.


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